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Filter excel content in input data




I am new to Alteryx and I have a 80MB excel file which I would like to use as an input,but right now it takes some time for Alteryx to read the whole file.

I see that can add a filter as the next item on the workflow but my question is if I can add the filter in Input Data object itself in order to avoid Alteryx reading the whole file.


I tried in the SQL Editor by (as if it was a db) :


SELECT * from sheet1$

WHERE Column=`Values`


but did not work, I received an error message saying INVALID SHEET/RANGE SPECIFICATION FOR EXCEL



Any ideas appreciated





Hi Muki,


Thanks for posting in the community. After looking further into your request, we determined that there isn't a tool in Alteryx that allows you to query Excel files like if it was a database.


Now that doesn’t mean there isn’t another way. If you can assist me with the following questions, I may be able to help you further.


1st - Does this file contain multiple sheets?

2nd - Does it use formulas to calculate data or is it just values?

3rd - Is this 80mb file going to be used only once or multiple times?


If it's going to be used more than once, I'd recommend converting the file to a .csv format or an Alteryx database format .yxdb to improve the importing of the dataset.


Based on how you answer the three questions above we may be able to at least reduce the amount of time it takes Alteryx to read the whole file. Also, if you could provide a sample dataset and workflow it could help fast track a potential solution.





John Posada
Cloud Engineer