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Filter data in Excel files while reading


Hi Team,


I have a requirement which I am facing difficulty in. PFB points for the considerations.


1. I have a complex WF processing multiple countries data.

2. I have around 3-4 complex excel files.

3. I want to get input from user for which country he/she wants to process the WF.

4. Based on the user input, I want to execute my WF and want my WF to read the data from all excel files only for that country which user selected for that execution..


I know with the help of interface tools I can accept input from the user but unable to achieve the filtration of data in the excel files. I have some computations for which it is important for an execution to read only country specific data.


Hope, this makes sense to you.


Thanks in advance,

Payal Srivastava

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @PayalS 


I don't think you can filter the data prior to it being streamed into Alteryx, but there is no reason you can't use a dropdown interface tool, connected to a filter tool to perform the filtering to the option selected by the user.


See screenshot as an example...





Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi Payal,


Is it perhaps a solution for you to read the Excel file completely, write it to separate Excel files with one for each country for which you have a country name appended to the file name, and subsequently use the directory input tool and a filter to open only those that you need?


With kind regards,

Roland van Leeuwen

Infotopics, the Netherlands


Thanks alot for the quick reply . It helped.

I may come back to you if needed further.


Thanks for the quick reply

I may use this approach if above one doesn't work.