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Filter Custom Row


Hi, Could some provide guidance how to perform filter on custom row? For example, I want to filter only MPTO12000 - Consumer Discounting and MPTO22020, should i use filter function or multirow formula function? Appreciate your advice.


Account Name
MPVO10000 - Sales Volume (in base UoM)
MPTO11000 - Recommended retail price (RRP)
MPTO12000 - Consumer discounting (if legislation allows)
MPTO13000 - Consumer price turnover (CPTO)
MPTO21010 - Retailer margin standard
MPTO21010P - Retailer margin
MPTO21000 - Trade margin
MPTO22021 - Customer allowances (discounts)
MPTO22020 - Customer allowances
MPTO22030 - Trade pay for performance
MPTO22000 - Trade credits & payments
Alteryx Partner
Alteryx Partner

Hi @kaysonn ,


For that use better the filter tool. Set the following formula on the custom filter:


< Contains([Account Name], "MPTO12000 - Consumer Discounting") OR Contains([Account Name], "MPTO22020") >


This will filter all the lines which contain either MPTO12000 - Consumer Discounting or MPTO22020



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @kaysonn 


If you want to just filter on the 2 rows (one containing MPTO1200 and MPTO22020) you can use the following formula in the filter tool:


Contains(Field1,"MPTO1200") OR Contains(Field1,"MPTO22020")


Alternatively you could also make use of the StartsWith function like so:


StartsWith(Field1,"MPTO1200") OR StartsWith(Field1,"MPTO22020"




thanks for the advice and the solution works well. Appreciate your guidance!