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Filter Condition as output

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Hi All,


I would like to log an output as an exception report which has been generated from a filter condition.


(ie) Input File -> Filter condition -> Output File


Input File - a CSV file contains 1 column and 2 values (Pears and Apples)

Filter Condition - "Fruit = Pears" would be rejected

Output File - As attached screenshot..


Output FileOutput File


Could any of you please help?



7 - Meteor



Input file shown below:


Input FileInput File

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I am imagining your real example is a little more complicated than this. I do not think there is currently a functionality in Alteryx that does exactly this. I would recommend flagging before you filter. For instance you could use a formula tool to create a Rejection reason Column something like.


IF [Fruit] = 'pears' THEN 'Fruit Contains "Pears"'
ELSEIF [Fruit] = 'grapes' THEN 'Fruit Contains "grapes"'
ELSE Null()


Then Filter on this new field being not null.


Hope this helps,



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Thank you for your quick reply. 


So, if I have multiple filter conditions for multiple fields do I need to create so many dummy fields as you mentioned? Is there any way I can get the information from the Filter TOOL about which record came to False on what condition?


Thanks again,



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @haristha,


As i understand your problem you are looking as if your field contains pear then it would appear as " fruit contains pear" or it will be null if not.

Please refer to the below screenshot:



 Formula used: if [Fruits]=="Pear" then "Fruit Column contained "+[fruits] else "" endif




if you have to filter out many fruits then use:

[Fruits] in ("Pear","Guava") then "Fruit Column contained "+[fruits] else "" endif

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No there is no inherent way to do this in the filter tool. I think you will have to write the output you want for each condition.




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Hi @haristha,


Check my workflow. Why do you need so many dummy fields?
Just add one filter tools, and choose whether the condition is true or false to continue your workflow.