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File Input message 0 records were read from file (limit reached)


I just saw a File Input message type for the first time today and this is the only community article I could find that seemed relevant. 


It appears on the validation run messaging after we tried to publish to the Gallery.

Alteryx Workflow Input Files to be uploaded...0 records were read from "<filename>" (limit reached)

Does this mean that the server capacity has reached it's limit? 


I couldn't find anything to confirm this, so I thought I'd add a softball question for it :)





Hi @MJ 


Just wanting to check if you have an output in your process?


This message can come when there is no output and the server looks to be efficient and realise this, thus not running the process if there is no output.


It only has the Publish to Tableau Server macro at the end. 

Would adding a file output workaround this?


Ah, it's not quite what I thought then.


Are you able to upload the full message log of when you run the workflow on the server?


I can do screenshots and think I learned it's a non-issue this morning...

Validation Run shows the "limit reached" at the end of the message, making it seem like it did not upload a copy of the file:

File Input - Limit Reached.png

Server team confirmed that only 50% of the 300GB is being used. 


Running for the first time on the server appears to have no issue:

File Input - Server Run.png





You are right, sorry, I missed the part where you said it was on the validation run that this occurred.


The validation run checks for access to the files/tables etc but doesn't need to read any records in order to validate that part, this is why you then see the limit being reached.


When you run the workflow properly it should then read them all :-)