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File Input Help

7 - Meteor

I was wondering if there was a way to bring in input files again after you have broken them down in a workflow.


I have brought in 2 files and separated the field names from the data, and compared the field names to make sure they are the same schema. After there is no error message output, I need to work with the data below the column names to compare what's changed between the 2 instances.


Is this possible?


I have uploaded a picture of my workflow and I would like to re-input the same 2 files I have broken down after the middle join on the join tool.

15 - Aurora

Hi @andrewc22 ,


Not sure if I understand the requirements correctly, but is there a reason to re-input the same files as they are currently there? You can create new connections that feed to the new set of tools you want to introduce from the Input Data tools already in your workflow.


Hope that helps somehow,



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hey @andrewc22 


Given that you have an error output - if the schema is wrong the canvas will break - so you have a guarantee you won't process a bad format of file (by the way - this is a very good practice).


If you need to FORCE order of processing then you can wrap the schema test in a batch macro; and then pass control downstream.