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Fields name change when a I use some tool after using the score tool


Hi everybody,


I'm having problems in using the score tool. Every time I use it when I'll use another tool after (in the case below, i used a formula tool), the Alteryx can't regonize the field names of the database. As you can see in the images below they say that the field 'Score_Yes' does not exist. When I click to select the columns they show me options that are not presented in my databases. How can I fix this?


Thank you in advance.


score tool error.PNGscore tool error 2.PNG


Hi @matheusgva


I believe this bug has been fixed as of 2018.3 but it's also a relatively simple fix if upgrading isn't an option.


Right click the Score Tool and choose "Open Macro"




Once you've opened the macro as a workflow - click View > Interface Designer




Then click on Properties (the little wrench) and check the box for "Output fields change based on macro's configuration or data input".



After that just close the Interface Designer window and save the changes in the macro.


If that doesn't solve your problem you should reach out to the Support team.