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Field names not showing up when adding tools after input for database connections

8 - Asteroid


I have a user that is having issues with data field names being populated after the input tool for database connections. When connecting to an excel file, the field names show up without issue.


The user is connecting to a oracle database with the input tool. Then, any tool (select, filter, etc.) that allows for the selection of a column is not populating with the field name unless the workflow is run. However, once the workflow has been run, it does not need to be ran in order to see field names for subsequent tools.


The user has already verified that "Disable Auto Configuration" in the advanced section of user settings is not selected. The user has also already attempted to use the "F5" refresh. Investigation has been performed on this issue within the community as well as a native google search but has yet to yield any results.


Has anyone experienced this issue or could potentially know of a fix that the user has not tried yet?


Please advise if additional information is needed. Thank you for your time.