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Field Summary tool temp file persistent error


Haha, DOS was so very unforgiving


My global workspace is C:\ProgramData\Alteryx


I get the same error when I run the macro on its own

Error: Run Command (105): File not found "D:\Alteryx Temp Directory\Engine_7872_6b1eeb13c6c240b1ab64d2512c5d5aa3_\__temppath__.txt"


I may give client services a buzz on this one and then come back and let you all know what they figure out.


Thank you both, simon and s_pichaipillai for trying to help!


Last thought, do you have user settings (default temp dir) enabled? they'll override your system settings. good luck :)

Great thought but alas I do not have that enabled!


i did some testing by changing the Engine path in System Settings "C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Engine" to some other path 

Now "IFS.yxmc" macro has failed

Then what i did was, i changed the temp path (override system setting) in Designer to "C:\ProgramData\Alteryx\Engine"

Now it has succeeded 


So definitely it’s an issue with the run command tool inside IFS macro which is not recolonizing the path other than global engine path


@Ned@TaraM@AdamR  FYA


Creative Director
Creative Director

@s_pichaipillai - thanks for tagging me. This is being looked at by our Content Engineers and someone will respond to this post shortly.

Tara McCoy

@s_pichaipillai thank you for looking further into this and adding some useful experimental data to the discussion!  I appreciate your time and effort in looking into this for both myself and the community!


I'm going to guess it doesn't like the spaces in the name of your temp directory.


The macro I think needs to be fixed such that the command line arguments in RunCommand looks like:


/c echo %cd% > "%temp%__temppath.txt__"


(note the quotes)

@StevePasetti (I don't think I'm doing that right), that worked.  I made the change and saved a local copy of the macros (can't overwrite standard tools) and ran it.  I'll forward your answer to the CSR with whom I'm working.  Great solution!


The top one is the original macro, the bottom is the macro with your change: