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Field Names comparing two tables

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I am looking to compare two tables

  • one a prepared data set with field names like a prepared extract.
  • with another coming from the original SQL table that does not have the correct ('Renamed') field names.

What I want to do is compare the data from the two sources, to find which fields have matching data such that I can rename the fields from the SQL table to the matching fields in my prepared extract.


Example tables below. 

Compare data in top and bottom tables, find matching field names



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Hi @Original_Yodies ,


You can do that by using the field info tool located in the developer category.

Take a look at the attached example and let me know if this makes sense to your needs.



Fernando Vizcaino

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Good Start!


One thing missed though is that the datasources do not share field names.

In your example datset 1 has fields a,b,c,d,e.

Datset 2 also has those names plus a few extra f,g,h.


I think this will work if i join not on Names, but on Type/Size

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Replying to my own thread. Great....

Finding the Field Summary tool a far greater resource than the Field Info tool for this type of work.


I am gonna have this new database mapped in no time!