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FX Rates to create a new column


How do create a new column (FX Rate) in the original data set using a separate stagnant Foreign Exchange table and to tie it back to the original dataset that lists the country?


The original data set has a field of origin of the sale. Then comparing that to the foreign exchange rate table to create a sales rate column. 


Example: Original Dataset (USA) -- Foreign Exchange Table (1) = New FX Rate Column in Original Dataset.


I sense a formula creating a new column with someway to an If statement. I am not sure how to perform in Alteryx. 

Alteryx Certified Partner

It sounds like you want to use the Join tool to join the appropriate rate from each country to the original data. Input your original data to the left input and the table of exchange rates to the right input on a Join tool and configure the "Country" field from each table as the joining field.


The Joined output will have your original data with exchange rate data joined to it for any records that match country.


Check out the attached example. Does this look like what you're after?