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Hi guys,

I have an Alteryx workflow built where i am downloading all the files and tuning the data. What i am looking for is can i send this tuned data back onto FTP and connect it using Tableau?

For the same workflow i want to set a sort of alert when there is a change like when credentials change or data file missing or a new column added etc. I saw EMAIL TOOL, is there any better approach? 


I appreciate your Help.




Hey @Hareesh,


To answer your first question, here are a couple of community articles that describe hot to upload to an FTP:

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Upload

Upload to SFTP/FTP - More Examples with Alteryx 10.5


If you are wanting to upload files directly to Tableau, there a Publish to Tableau Server macro that may do what you want:

Publish to Tableau Server Tool!app/Publish-to-Tableau-Server-Tool/599c93c8f499c7141c13a619



To answer your second question, you may have a couple of options depending on what suits you best.


There is an option within the workflow configuration to send an email on error:

When workflow fails, send an email notification of workflow error messages

This option would alert you of any error, so an authentication error (like a change in credentials) would be sent.


Also, you could design a workflow with our developer tools that might be able to alert you if there was a change in the field info.

This would likely involve the Field Info tool and the Message tool.

About the Field Info Tool

About the Message Tool

Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer
Thank you this help me a lot