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FTP Site Upload / Download files


I would like to set up a connection to a secure FTP site allowing me to schedule upload and download of files.  I am assuming I would need to create a text input file and configure the download connector.

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)

Hello, this is the correct method. The Text Input Tool is a great way to pass a URL to the Download Tool.  Once that is set up, you can update the security information fields within the Download Tool to complete the process.

The Help file on the Download Tool goes into more detail, but as always feel free to email if you have any questions on a specific module you're working on. 

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Can you share the way you solved the way to PUT files into a remote FTP?
Thanks a lot
I second aguisande's request. An brief example/explanation would be very helpful.
Identify the file to output
create a .bat file that points to a .txt script and add the .bat file name to the Command:
you need to create a .txt file with this script: (make sure you use edit and exit functions)
Open ftp1. your
Your ID
Your Password
CD your folder you want to output to
put "file output name"

Create a .bat file. (make sure you use edit and exit functions)
ftp -s:yourfile.txt