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FTP Download & Upload

6 - Meteoroid

Hi, All


In this post, I want to share FTP Download and Upload tools.

You will get a FTP_Download_&_Upload.yxzp file consist of FTP Download macro and also FTP Upload macro.

This macro is developed by Python code using ftplib.

ftplib :



1. FTP Download

In FTP Download Macro, you can specify host, username, password, port, and also your server folder source name. This maco support to download the file(s) from the subdirectory server. You can specify the destination file either read directly to Alteryx or download the file(s) into a local path. When you are choosing to read the file directly into Alteryx, you only read the csv/xlsx/txt file(s). You can find your file(s) in your server using the wildcard file name.


FTP Download.JPG






















2. FTP Upload

Similar to FTP Download tool, in FTP Upload tool, you need to specify the host, username, password, port (optional), and also server folder path. You can upload your file directly from Alteryx workflow, from a file(s), or upload from a local folder. When uploading your file from Alteryx workflow, you can specify the file type (csv, xlsx, or txt) and also add your sheet name for excel type.


FTP Upload.JPG