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FInding Deviation and other Calculation (Please Help!)

7 - Meteor

Hi Everyone

I am extremely new in this quest of analytics and seek help from you lovely folk. Excluding task 21, these are the tasks I need help with i.e 22 and 23:

21 classify the orders into Lunch, dinner and others category (Completed, only for context)
22 Identify the customers who exhibit any deviation from their existing behaviour of ordering in lunch
23 Identify the change in the AOP of all the customers who changed their ordering time from lunch to dinner


The data I have currently is:



18 - Pollux
18 - Pollux

Hi @sparshpankaj 


You're much more likely to get a response if you include actual sample data as opposed to an image, especially if you have this much data.


Also, since the your image is of an Alteryx results window, can you share the workflow as well?



5 - Atom



on your 22 question. First define how you determine deviation. First filter the dataset to lunches, then using the summarize tool you can calculated the standard deviation and mean of ordering time or amount (depending on what you need) with grouping by customer. Then append this data back to you dataset to create a rule or formula that will flag each order if it deviates from the mean for more than one or two standard deviations (again depends on how you define the deviation). Then you filter by this flag your dataset and can see all customers with deviations.


Don't know what is AOP, but supposed that having data from previous step you can calculate it.