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Hi everybody


I´m trying to use the filter tool so that the workflow goes on only if the true condition is fulfilled. If the condition is true I would like to create a table in my database but if not I wouldn´t like to create the table. My problem is that even if the condition is false , the workflow keeps working and it creates the table without any data. I would like to have a filter which stopped if the condition is false and only if it´s true the table would be created. How could I do this?


Thank you very much

Alteryx Certified Partner



You could attach a test tool to the true part of your filter and set it to fail if the number of records = 0


This will stop your workflow from running any further


Another option would be to include the table name in the work stream, and use the "take file/table name from field" option in the Output Data tool.

That way, if 0 records flow in, no tables will be written.

However, the Test tool will allow you to fail the workflow in this situation, which may be preferable depending on your needs.


Hi everyone,


I have a question about how to use the 'Filter' tool on text fields.


In the attached '.yxmd' workflow, my aim is to output three lines of text that was origininally in double quotes ("") by writing it to a  file. Is it valid to use the 'Filter' tool to check for "" on an input file, and if "" are detected, do nothing (TRUE port of the 'Filter' tool); If FALSE, then split the only field in to rows via the Text to Column and Output Data tools? If so, how should the 'Filter' tool be configured in this case?


Any help would be highly appreciated.


Thank you and Happy Fourth of July in advance!! :)







I believe I forgot to attach the workflow module with my earlier message.


If so, my apologies for that - here it is.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Take care!