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Extracting the DDL

Alteryx Partner

I have a very unique problem - I need to extract the DDL and save along with the data in the workflow.


Attached are 2 files, the CSV and the workflow to process it - basically to set the datatypes to the proper format.


But obviously saving as CSV means that you lose the datatypes that have been defined.


I understand that I really need to write to a database in order to get the proper DDL, but is there a way to get generic/ANSI SQL - something that might work as a CREATE TABLE in (almost) any RDBMS ?


Hi @cmcclellan


While there may be an automated way to do this type of thing that i'm not aware of, I've always built up the required SQL as a string.  I'd start with the Field Info tool to get the required metadata for the dataset and then add in the correct boiler plate for ANSI-SQL Create, Insert, Update etc.



Alteryx Partner

That's EXACTLY what I was looking for :) :) 


I've used Field Info before, but for some reason I just didn't think of it in this case :)