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Extract multiple items in brackets from string


Hi everyone,

Happy new year, to start with!


Could someone help me extract all the items which are in brackets ( ) and move them to individual columns, as per the example below ? 


  • Source string (manually bolded items are the ones to extract) :

$whatever(abc_example1_spec)/Folder/$somethingelse("$value(abc_example2_name)","info type","en")/$whatever(example3_info)/$something(example4)


  • Target result to individual columns :

abc_example1_spec / abc_example2_name / example3_info / example4


Note that there might be different levels of brackets e.g. ("$value(abc_example2_name)","info type","en"), in which case I am only interested in items at the deepest level. I also do not know how many items are to be extracted from a string (4 in the example above, but there could be less or more).

I have found the following expression to use with RegEx but it only parses the last item in my string (.*)(?:\()(.*)(?:\))


Looking forward to testing your suggestions !



I am not a regex expert but i like playing around with it  . Try this pattern \(\w+\)  hopefully it will match your requirements .


The solution below is not as efficient as a RegEx solution would be, but it does work.  


this pattern works of course much better than mine, thanks !

though, I have to add the following formula (Replace(Replace([_CurrentField_],"(",""),")","")) in the multi field formula tool to get rid of the brackets.

thanks a lot !


hi @papalow


It indeed works very well for one record, but I do have 100+ and I would need to add a few other tools in order to uniquely identify them and appropriately reassign the items found.


but thanks a lot, that is an interesting logic I will certainly use elsewhere!



You are welcome.  I am also working on a RegEx solution in between other things today.  Sometimes I find it faster to use several tools rather than perfect the RegEx syntax.