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Extract data from SAP ECC transaction

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I am trying to extract data from the SAP transaction "F AGLL03". For this I am using the SAPReport App from the DVW Connector tools. I was trying a number of different selections but I always get the same message: "No data found for the selected criterion". 

Extracting data from SAP tables is working perfectly with the DVW connector but I don't know why the one for the SAP transactions is not working. Is there any special selection I have to do or any other condition that I need to consider to successfully extract data? Thanks in advance for your inputs. 


Hi @schrera3 


You may get a quicker response reaching out to DVW directly, so that would be my suggestion.


However, I know we will have users on here, so I could be wrong!

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Hi @schrera3,


This is Darron Walton from DVW Analytics. Please contact our support team at A member of the team will be able to assist you.



Darron Walton

DVW Analytics

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Hi Darron,


I have sent mail to the mail address you mentioned, but did not get any reply. I am trying to use 3 different sap tcode through sap connector. 1 MB52, 2. me2m, 3. ZJDAATP

As of now, only MB52 is working correctly and by analysing with the actual data from SAP, it is matching.

Issue with me2m: I am trying to get all the open purchase orders from 01/01/2019 to 25/12/2019. But It is always showing the open POs of data 01/01/2019 date. the between operator is not working. I put the date format at 20190101 to 20191225 but still not working.


issue with ZJDAATP: I am putting: ZJDAATP in the object name field.

Then clicking on search.

below, field shows: like this, when I select that, I get error all the time.




any advice will be appreciated, we are stuck with this for 3 days already.


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Hi Saikat,


The team have been in contact with you this morning. For any questions related to use of the ACS please contact