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Extract URL's from string



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Try this one!


Hi not really what I need - I want to get 1 extra column, with the 2 URL's separated by a comma.  Some of the data has up to 9 URL's in that one section

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If you want to Concat the URL's, following workflow might be a solution.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

you can do a regex replace with this formula -> href="(.+)" .+ href="(.+)" .+  then add them fith a formula tool

[regex_replace1] + " ," + [regex_replace2]


as long as there are more https keep adding more


Will give the above a try in a minute but just now I have a very dirty solution!


"(.*?)" in the regex tool, then run a regex_replace to remove "_Blank" and replace with nothing, then another regex_replace to remove " and replace them with nothing