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Extract Partial File Name


Can Alteryx extract part of a file name and append it as a new column? I am trying to mass load 800 files, but need to extract the date that is part of each file name. To complicate matters, not all date formats are the same. Ideally I would like to ask Alteryx to grab everything that is right off the letters PPV (see screenshot):






Alteryx Certified Partner



Sounds like a use case for RegEx. The following expression will extract the string of characters after PPV and before .xlsx. As for converting them to DATE fields, you can try using this BB Date macro available in Gallery.




@jrgo - you are a life saver! Thank you. I am super close to getting this incorporated into my workflow.  I think the expression you provided needs to be modified, but I can't figure out the syntax. Can you please assist?


File Path.png

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Yeah, that expression will not work if you're bringing in the entire file path. Try this instead...


THANK YOU!!!! I am so incredibly thankful.