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Extract Data from PDF by Auto-detecting Table (Intelligence Suite Computer Vision)

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Auto detecting a table of data from a PDF using the new Computer Vision tools from Intelligence Suite is a great new functionality, but figuring out how to make it work was not intuitive for me. I did a lot of trial and error figuring out how to extract a table of data from a pdf. Here's how I made it work.  


  • Image Input - browse to "Titanic Data.PDF" (attached)
  • Connect the output from the Image Input tool to both 
    1. D input anchor of Image to Text tool
    2. the optional input anchor of an Image Template tool - set configuration image to 'image'
  • Image Template Tool -  set configuration Image to 'image'

the output contains a Markup field - connect the output to the T anchor of the Image to Text tool


  • Image to Text tool - set configuration Image to 'image'

the output contains one pipe-delimited field called table0 (there may be additional table fields depending on the structure of the input pdf.)



  • Use a Text to Columns tool with | delimiter
  • Use a Sample tool to skip the first row of 0|1|2|3...
  • Use Dynamic Rename to 'Take Field Names from First Row of Data'


My workflow (version  2021.3) and the PDF of titanic data are attached. I hope you find this helpful!



pdf extract table wf.jpg



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 Thanks for sharing! It's good to know I'm not the only one who struggled to work this out.