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Expose Alteryx workflow as a webservice


I would like to check if we can create a custom workflow in alteryx and expose as a webservice.  This will allow easy integration to other applications. The intend is to create an interface have

1) a real time call to alteryx workflow passing certain parameters from another application and

2) get a response from alteryx post processing real time


Is there some example or documentation which can be referred to. I can see there is an API output - is this to get a real time response post processing.


Thank you in advance, 


Hi @mpmanesh,


The Gallery REST API available with Alteryx Server can provide this functionality. It offers methods to execute a workflow (and pass answers to any input questions/parameters), query current workflow execution state, and retrieve results when a workflow run is finished. 


Some API documentation can be found here:


Best regards,



Hi Ryan,


Thank you, this is a good starting point. I stumbled upon other links that may help others.