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Exporting to multiple sheets, from multiple tables with different structures


Shoot, I definitely think it is being driven by that Render tool being set to a "Custom" paper size of 50x50... When I removed the link from my other larger tables to the union tool, and then just connected my smaller table directly to the Layout > Render tools, and then reduced the paper size to 15 x 15, the width of the columns was much better.


I unfortunately need to keep the paper size bigger though since the larger tables (with 40 columns) won't output correctly if it is smaller... shoot, not sure there is a solution to this one... Other than maybe just outputting to two separate render tools, which isn't ideal since they I would need to separate workbooks... I guess I could try to instead use the non-reporting Output Data tool, but then I don't have the opportunity to edit some of the formatting for the fields... 



Don’t despair. Do that....two separate renders, resulting in two workbooks. Then, in the same workflow, input both and output into one. Not sure how or if will work??