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Exporting a file in fixed length as .txt format

6 - Meteoroid

Hi All, 


I have a file which contains name, address, date, store and a unique id in it. I want to export that file in fixed length as .txt format. I also have length specifications for the file which are as follows: 


@001 id 9.
@012 date mmddyy10.
@025 source $10.
@040 name $100.
@145 slug $20.
@170 address $100.
@275 city $50.
@330 state $2.
@335 zip $10.
@350 plus4 $4.
@360 store $100. 


I want the file to be exported as fixed length in .txt format whose lengths are specified as above. Can you please help me out? 


Thanks in advance,

9 - Comet

Hi @Bitopi  - Please review the knowledge base article:

I have used the 'flat' file trick a lot of times now to import fixed width text files successfully.

If you share a sample file, I can help show you how it works as well...... but the article is very useful

6 - Meteoroid



Thanks for sharing the article for reading fixed length files.but I need help on exporting the file in fixed length format.

6 - Meteoroid

Thank you for sharing the article. The article and  the link for recommended discussions really helped me.

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Hi @Bitopi  - if you think this helped you solve your problem then you should consider this as 'solution' so that other users in the community can learn from 'marked solutions'....... let me know if you have any other questions.

6 - Meteoroid

yes,I have accepted as solution..