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Exporting New Data




I am wondering if I can Export to Excel only the new information.

I am running a monthly report that populates between 1-300 phone numbers. I was wondering if i can export data to excel in a way that every month it only exports the new phone numbers.


So instead of having a list of 100 numbers for October it can look at the September run and say I already ran with 95 numbers but the 5 numbers are new so im going to spit them out?




Hey @Cidney 


Have commonly seen this done by bringing in the last-month's Excel sheet and doing a Join with the new information.  Anything that is found in both will come out the 'J' anchor, while your unmatched records from the 'L' or the 'R' (depending on which side the new data is on) will just be the new numbers that you can output.


Similarly, could union the two months together and use the Unique tool on number.


Yes, you can do this by comparing the October data (let's say) to the November data. Whatever doesn't join from the November side is your list of new data. You can then append that to the October data.


I hope this helps!