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Exporting All Tabs at Once.

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Hi All,

I need help in exporting all tabs at once. I have attached a file that has 5 tabs (all with the same columns). Is it possible to export all tabs at once one below the other? This is just an example but sometimes I need to export 50-100 tabs.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Using the Input tool to import list of sheet names and the dynamic input tool to read in all the tabs at the same time should accomplish what you are looking for, or you could create an input tool for each tab and union them all together in the order you want the data to appear. Both options should accomplish what you are looking to do.

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Hi @iamviraj13 

I would look into the Dynamic Input tool for this. If everything is in the same schema, you can easily read in the multiple sheets in a file. 


Start with the input tool on the Excel file, and generate a list of the sheet names. 
Use a formula tool to concatenate the file name and path with the sheet name, and feed that into the 
Dynamic Input tool.


Here is a tool mastery article that I find very helpful:


Let me know if that helps. Cheers!


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Thanks @Dtownboyerk 

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Thanks for the help @estherb47