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Exporting 1 File To Many Google Earth Files

5 - Atom

So I have a MapInfo .TAB file that is geographic boundaries, and I found with the help of this forums the way in the Output Tool feature to export out multiple files based on a column. Such as they are bunch across multiple States...and creating 1 file per state.


That works all great.  However, when I open the .KML file in Google Earth, the polygon shape is gone in the sense that when I set custom colors it only colors the boarders, and no longer fills in the polygon as it did when I imported the .tab file into Google Earth.


Is there a step that needs to be done for this, or is that a limitation of it?

15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @J_Trusty 


Do you output the data as KML file?

If so, KML is pretty limited. But the KML file is XML file. After output the KML files, you re-open the KML files as XML and you can customize them.


Please see this discussion. There is a sample to add color the KML file.