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Export to alternate Excel template


I created a new template (Book.xltx) for Excel and saved it to the XLSTART folder on my computer.   Going forward I want to save any Alteryx model table output to that new Excel template instead of the template that came standard with Excel, regardless of whether I use the Altery Output tool or the Browse tool then Save all records, file browse.

Unfortunately, at this time Alteryx is not able to use the default template settings in Excel to create a spreadsheet/workbook from the Output tool or Save As in the Browse tool.  

A possible workaround to simulate this could be to save a blank xlsx file using your new template.  Then, write a macro that would make a copy of that excel file, import the copied file, join the data, and export the data into the same excel file.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
You could also create a batch file to make a copy of your template and place it into your destination folder.  
set your module to run the operation before the module begins by going to the module properties window.  under the Events tab goto: add | run command | run event when: 'Before Run' | command: (browse to location of you saved your .bat file and select it) | click open | click ok

Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
here's the script we use for one of our reports (omit the asterisk and replace '>' with ''):
***del "C>FolderLocation>Some_Report.xlsx"    
<--this is the destination folder which contains the last report we ran
***COPY "C>Templates>Some_Report.xlsx" "C>FolderLocation>Some_Report.xlsx"    <--this copies the template we created and places it in the destination folder
if you're not sure how to create a .bat file:
-->open up notepad
-->add a variation of the script (above)
-->save as (?) **make sure that the 'Save as type:' reads 'All Files (*.*)'
--name your file then append .bat (e.g,. somename.bat)
-->click save
Make sure you have the 'Enable Events' checked.  I'd also recommend creating a backup copy of your template and storing it in another location.