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Export table in html with filter script



I am trying to export a table in html but I would like to include a filter.
That can be easily done by editing the html code but I would like to do that directly on Alteryx.

Any suggestions?



Hi @HMPinto


What do you mean by "include a filter"?  Do you just want to limit the results based on some criteria?  If so, add a filter tool before your output.  If not, can you give an example?  Could you possibly share your workflow and sample data?





Thank you for your reply.

Basically I want to publish the output of my workflow (a table) and I thought of using a html file. But then I want the viewer to be able to filter the content of the table.

Export the exporting the output to html is straight forward. I used the Table and Render functions.  For filtering, I manually edited the html file to add a few lines of code e.g. basic java script function.

So I would like to be able to perform the needed modifications (e.g. add java script function) in the html file within Alteryx. I have tried to use the Report Text function together with HTML Pass through but without success.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


Alteryx Certified Partner



The only one idea comes to my mind: to read per line the HTML file after its generation and insert the necessary code in it with the help of Alteryx. This will automate the task and avoid manual work.


I'm looking to do the same sort of task but I'm not familiar with writing java script.  Do you happen to have an .yxmd example that I could work through?


Any assistance is greatly appreciated...Thanks!