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Export multiple tabs to separate text files

5 - Atom

Can anyone help me to identify on how can i export multiple excel tabs to different text files. Like if i have 3 sheets in one excel so my output should be 3 text files. I am using a macro but its giving me the output in single text file not getting multiple text files as output



15 - Aurora



You need to have a sheet name and the file name in the input files.This is a configuration of the input file if you will have a full path you will have information about sheet. 




in the output file you will be able to configure it to use this in order to prepare txt:




Remember that along the way you will need to manipulate the file name in order to output it as csv files.


If this is helpful for you? 

16 - Nebula

I hope the schema of the 3 sheets are same, otherewise things will get much more difficult.



There are two ways to do this, the first is more simplistic and not as dynamic, but may work better if you have different schemas.


If you know which sheets you want to import and export, you can have an input tool - output tool combination for each. 


If you want to go the more dynamic route, or already have everything imported as one, you can use the "take file name from field" option in the output tool. You can choose which field you want to segregate the output with (in my case it's based on the input file name).


Hope this helps!