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Export files generated with Render tool

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I don't know how many of you wanted to save directly on a shared drive the files generated by Render tool. I have this situation, when a flow generates over 100 files and I needed to save them one by one.

In order to skip the downloading step, I have tried to save them directly on a shared drive, similary with the files generated with an Output Tool. Unfortunately, I didn't manage to do the same thing with the Render tool. 

That's why I have developed an macro which helped me to save all the filed directly on a specific location.

Is not much, and is very simple.



 This is how I have configured the workflow.




There are probably other solution better than this, but this is what I have used to solve my problem.


Hope it helps!

Alteryx Partner

Hi @Marcel_Gavrila 


This is awesome! Great work! I can see myself using this soon.


@LeahK  can we help Marcel to get this into a knowledge article? Not sure that's the best place or not but a very useful topic that I know others would find useful.