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Experian US Total Population Data

Can anyone help clarify how Experian US data for total population and population density are calculated when using Demographic Analysis>Allocate Append tool?  I assumed the total population and population density were extracted by trade area parameter (10 miles or 100 miles).  However, I realized the total population and density do not change when changing trade area miles.  





Hi @gregnagui 


The allocate tools use a methodology called 'Block Centroid Retrieval' - you can read more about it here:


However, I'm guessing that the real issue is that you have the wrong spatial object selected. In your screenshot I see you have the 'SpatialObj' field selected - is that the trade area field, or is the trade area field maybe called something like 'SpatialObj_TradeArea'?

It was the spatial object_trade area that was incorrectly selected.  Thanks Travis!