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Executing batch file from server


So, I've been all over this and I feel that this question hasn't been addressed for my particular situation.  I'm a little naive when it comes to network settings and batch files, but I'm trying to work within the box I've found myself in. 


I'm trying to execute a batch file, after running a workflow from the gallery, that will open the resulting shared Scheduling.xlsm output spreadsheet.  Because opening an Excel file on the gallery doesn't work (ie: Excel isn't on the network), my options are: 1. Find a way to output a link to the UNC location of the shared excel output, or 2. Find a way to open the shared excel output with a batch or .cmd file.


I've found some resources for using PsExec to execute batch files remotely from the gallery to the individual's workstation. So, I currently have 2 batch files, one for executing the batch remotely with PsExec, and one to open the shared excel file.


(Network location, server, usernames, computer names, are all dummy data for this example):


RunBatchFromServer.bat - This is the batch file generated by the attached workflow and should run after the main scheduling workflow completes without errors


copy \\byt\users$\UserBob\RunScheduler.bat "\\GALLERY\user_files\TO\Tools\Scheduling\"
psexec \\BYTLTH \\byt\users$\UserBob\RunScheduler.bat


RunScheduler.bat - That is run by RunBatchFromServer.bat that aims to open the shared excel output from the main gallery workflow

Start excel "\\GALLERY\user_files\TO\Tools\Scheduling\Scheduler with Alteryx.xlsm"


I get:

Error running Event #1: The external program "\\byt\user_files\TO\Tools\Scheduling\RunBatchFromServer.bat" returned an error code: 1: The specified image file did not contain a resource section. ¶ (1812)


And, RunScheduler.bat never runs...


RunBatchFromServer.bat runs fine when I open it manually, but fails when running it as an analytical app in Designer and when running it from the Gallery.


Everything is (and must me) in UNC.  I've tried popd which doesn't seem to work remotely.


My current thoughts:


1.  Maybe the gallery doesn't have admin rights to execute the PsExec command;

2.  Might have something to do with the Working Directory and/or temp file location;

3.  I don't know what I'm doing and I wrote something wrong or am missing something obvious;


Does anyone care to share their thoughts on this mess I've made?  I don't know much about Run Command, but I think it might be an option?

Or, does anyone know a better way to open a network shared file output from the Gallery? Can you hyperlink a file location as an output?





Hi @caduces 


Including the hyperlink in an output is probably your best bet.


I've attached workflow that creates a link. You could also manually create the link in the Report Text tool.