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Execute Different SQL Based on Day of Week

7 - Meteor

Alteryx pros, I need some help and I hope that you can point me in the right direction.


Problem: I have have two separate SQL statements that connect to the same data sources but contain different columns, etc and return different results. If it's Monday then i need SQL#1 to run; however, if its Tue-Fri then I need SQL#2 to run.


I know that I could break this up into 2 workflows and set each on a schedule related to its respective day in Gallery but I wanted to see if this could be done in a single flow so I didn't have to worry about managing separate flows.


I appreciate any suggestions.


Thank you! 

22 - Nova
22 - Nova

Hi @sdpeacock ,


Here is a pointer what you can do.


You can use DateTimeNow to get current datetime later get the weekday number.

Later redirect to different flows using Filter tool.


Hope this helps : )

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9 - Comet

I would leverage the dynamic input and update the columns to pull from SQL based on the day of the week.


Here is what it would look like with a dynamic input tool! you'll need to configure the input data source template to the following format: SELECT COLUMNSTOREPLACE FROM theTableYoureQuerying WHERE yourconditions. 

7 - Meteor

Thank you very much! I ended up using this logic in my workflow. Works like a charm! 👍

9 - Comet

@sdpeacock happy to help; that's a fun one!

7 - Meteor



I have a very similar ask, I think.  I do want to use the server option and will be scheduling it to run each Monday morning for the prior week (Sunday to Saturday).  However, I want to be able to manually kick off the same WF on the server in the event we get asked to refresh the prior week on say a Wednesday, Friday, etc and still pull the full prior week of data.


I.e. Today is Wednesday so pull the a.PKUP_DT >= TODAY-10 and a.PKUP_DT< TODAY - 3 ELSEIF Today is Friday so pull the a.PKUP_DT >= TODAY-12 and a.PKUP_DT< TODAY - 5 and so on.