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Excluding data from output based on employment criteria

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  • Greetings all

    I would like to ask for assistance with a filter or formula to exclude different employment statuses from a workflow that I run weekly, to track the return of laptop when people leave the firm.

    I have been working on these scenarios for a couple of week, am getting nowhere and hoping someone can give me some ideas

    The 4 employment status we use in the WorkFlow are :
  • Hire - New firm hires (FTE = Full-Time Employees))
  • Contract Contingent Worker - New Contractor Hires
  • Termination - FTE terminations
  • End Contingent Contract Worker - Contractor terminations


The 2 employment scenarios are (I have attached a couple of dummy files) :

  • FTE Termination to be re-hired as Contractor (file attached - FTE_Contractor.XLSX
  • Contactor termination to be re-hired as FTE (file attached - Contractor_FTE.XLSX

I do have 2 more scenarios i have to omit, this time to deal with resignations (terminations) which affects both FTE and Contractor (I have attached a  dummy file (rescinded.xlsx)

  • Resignation is submitted, then rescinded, then submitted for a later date
  • Resignation is submitted then rescinded as they (FTE or Contractor) is staying on

If anyone could help with even 1 scenario that would give me an idea how to proceed, and i'd be greatly appreciative

13 - Pulsar

I don't quite understand the question, but the data doesn't help either 😞 


In both FTE_Contractor and Contractor_FTE it's the same employee all the time.


Maybe you can add another attachment .... the result that you expect when these files are processed please ?



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Thanks for your reply @cmcclellan 

I thought about that, late last night,  and am  in the process of making up a better example sheet which I'll re-add a little later today


Sorry to the confusion

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I've reworked the file, and hoping it makes more sense, but I'll explain it as follows (apologies for the names, i couldn't use real staff names here):


  • Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Scott Morrison and Daniel Andrews are 'standard" terminations and processed by the workflow
  • Bruce Banner - resigned as a Contractor (End Contingent Worker Contract) on 13th April, and re-hired on 22nd April as FTE (Hire)
  • Tony Stark - resigned as FTE (Termination) on 11th December and re-hired as a contractor (Contract Contingent Worker) on 15th December
  • Hugh Jackman and Peter Quill both rescinded their terminations as they decides to resign at a later date therefore submitted their terminations for the new date/s

I need to find way to exclude the 2 re-hires, but they're showing due to the 'termination" field
Regarding the 'rescinded' terminations i need to exclude the initial 'termination' plus the 'rescinded values  - the last termination (successfully completed) needs to be picked up by the workflow




  • Termination, Contract Contingent Worker and End Contingent Worker Contract are fields within "Business Process Type"
  • Rescinded and "Successfully Completed are fields within "Transaction Status"
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URGENT !!!!! .... Did you mean to include Sheet1 in the attachment ?

13 - Pulsar

I think this might be what you're after.  If it's wrong, please let me know what you were expecting to see in the final Browse tool

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That looks pretty good, and very close as it excludes the rescinded terminations. I'll run some tests on my live data tomorrow

However Tony Stark and Bruce Banner need to be excluded, as they are re-hires, regardless of the "Termination" and "End Contingent Worker Contract"

In Theory the Termination (Tony Stark) and End Contingent Worker Contract ( Bruce Banner) will always appear before the "Contract Contingent Worker"  (Tony Stark) and "Hire" (Bruce Banner)


Hope this explanation makes sense ?

Do I have to create a seperate flow to exclude the 2 different types of re-hires, based on the rescinded terminations ?

20 - Arcturus

Hi @StephenT 


I might be still bit confused 🤔. But something I could make out is you just want to keep last occurrence for each staff code. This is just my assumption maybe I am missing the bigger picture. If you just want to keep the last occurrence for each staff code you can do something like this.





Give it a try and let me know why it would fail.


Hope this helps : )

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Thanks  @atcodedog05 and @cmcclellan 

Your workflows work perfectly and give the same results. I will mark them both as resolving my issues.

Thank you for your valued input and assistance - you have made a complicated process a lot more simple.

13 - Pulsar

Just check that Terminations and Hires file - I don't know if you meant to include Sheet1, it has a lot of names in there!