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Exception Reporting

Alteryx Partner

Any chance of upgrading ? I won't guarantee that fixes the issue, but in 2018.4 I just ran this data (modified your data by adding a few more rows and it worked perfectly and I used to get the same errors you're experiencing in older versions.


2018-12-07 06_58_23-Alteryx Designer x64 - Exception Reporting.yxmd_.png


I just ran my data on 2018.4 and it worked perfectly.  I'll have to push forward with my plans to get the company migrated to the newest version ASAP.


Thank you so much for all of your help!

Alteryx Partner

Awesome :)   That helps me as well because it's proof that it's no longer an issue.


I spoke too soon.


I tried re-running, just out of curiosity and was greeted with this lovely error:


Error: Output Data (8): Unable to open file for write: <<filename>> Error Opening file: <<filename>>
: This file is checked out or locked for editing by another user. (220)


It seems that the new version isn't the solution, unfortunately.


I lied.


This time the issue is confined to the SharePoint directory I'm outputting to.


I forgot that there's a mandated "locked" period once a file has been edited with SharePoint directories.


If I use a network drive instead, it seems fine.