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Excel .xlsb Files in 2018.1

7 - Meteor

I've seen references to the fact that Alteryx Developer 2018.1 (I'm using the non-Admin version) is able to recognize Excel's .xlsb file format as a data input source.  However, I don't see that format in the dropdown list of available data files, and choosing any other source I've tried doesn't recognize the xlsb files either.


How does one use an Excel .xlsb format file as a data source in Alteryx Developer 2018.1?

5 - Atom

I am an Alteryx 2019.4 User. My workplace does not allow to install MS Access 2010 SP2 driver, but allowed me to install MS Access Runtime 2016 driver. Why does MS Access 2016 driver does not work ? 

Is there any other solution to read xlsb files .. like using python as workaround ?