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Excel output with dynamic number of columns by using Reporting tools


Hi all,

I have one task that has been harassing me for some time. I should create a workflow that generate excel output which has dynamic number of columns. The excel file should be formatted, so I use the reporting tools. But I have a problem at the very last step – how to output it. When I use render tool I have a problem with the paper size and the data is truncated. The workflow will be used for different companies and when I set a larger width the data looks good for one company, but when I try with data for a different one and the number of columns is more or less, the columns’ width is either insufficient or too large. Any ideas how can I resolve this? Is there other way to output formatted excel with reporting tools?


I also tried to create the workflow and output the excel file by using the Output tool and use excel macro to format the file. But I didn’t manage to connect the workflow with the macro, and I wasn’t sure if this will work on the Alteryx Gallery. I also was advised that it is better to do the things only with the Alteryx tools. So now I am trying with the reporting tools.


And another question, how to stop part of the workflow if there is no more data after the Filter? (For example, there is an error on company 64 in the uploaded workflow)


The headers of the excel output file should look exactly like this:





Hey @kparvanova,


In order to make the formatting of your excel spreadsheet dynamic to each company, you will probably need to create a formatted Excel document for each company then drop your data into a separate data sheet. I've uploaded an example of this.


The trick to making this dynamic is to output your data using an Output Tool and select the option to "Take  File/Table Name From Field:


 Take Name from Field.png

You can then create and update your path based on the name of the company. You will also want to exclude the Path Field from your data.

Let me know if you have any questions.



Hoss Carroll
Customer Support Engineer

Hi @HossC,


Thanks for your reply. I have used this approach in other projects. But here this is not what I need. I can output the workflow with the Output but My headers part should be the same as the screenshot above, I should merge the cells and I don't think this can be done with the Output tool.