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Excel output error - Excel found unreadable contents



I am using a WF where I am reading multiple data inputs from SQL server and writing them to a single Excel sheet (into different tabs). WF is working fine, but when I am trying to open the final out file it is giving me a pop up window which says "Excel has unreadable contents.........." below is the screen shot for it


And when I click yes, it is giving another pop window saying it repaired something within the sheet. Here is the screen shot of that warning


I am also attaching my WF for reference.

How can I solve this, I do not want users to see this pop windows when they are trying this WF. Can anyone help me in this?



Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @aparanjith1


 just tried your workflow and didn't get any errors (using a different data source obvs)


Can you attach some sample data that gives you the same error and I can try again?




Is there any content in your spreadsheet that's not being overwritten? A pivot table, for instance.


This is solved now, the data which is being written to excel file has the numeric values which are large and unreadable when we it first got written to it. So, I made the columns extend a bit for these numeric columns and saved the file.

Did not got any warning message after that.


Thanks for the help!