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Excel formula and links issues when input data


Hi All,


I found all the numbers in input excel show up as Datetime format in Alteryx. All those values are linked to other cells in the original workbook(multiple sheets) and I suspect that's the reason why they show up as weird datetime format. Is there any way to input the sheet as numbers like they are in the excel workbook? Instead of going back to the original workbook copy and paste the formula and links? There are quite a few workbooks and we try to automate the process here. 





If your columns are always the same then I would put a Select node after the file you are trying to upload in the workflow.  You can also try to use the Data Cleansing and Auto Field which can be found in the Preparation group.


No the Select tool or cleansing data etc won't help here. It cannot be simply converted to double or other numeric format without losing its original value. this is because the cell value in the input excel workbook is linked or a formula. 


Can you show an example?

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @archietao 


There are lot of things we need to know to help you out.




What kind of data are you treating? Are these references formulas? What's the format of you excel files? (.xlsx, .xlsm, .xls)


Like @alyssa_sedai , it'd be better to see an example so we could suggest you a solution.




Hi @Thableaus 


Thanks for replying. 


The input data are all excel files in .xls. 


So as attached, the original input data was linked to other sheet. And after inputting to Atleryx, all show up as funky datetime format. I tried Select tool or tonumber formula, both failed to convert them to its original numeric value. 


Hello @archietao 


Can you please attach an example Excel spreadsheet?  I can't tell what data type column LeadSheet!C27 is so I can't tell what result it is suppose to return.  Feel free to not make it real data if you don't want to share the data.