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Excel file Field and sub field


Starting two rows of excel sheet contain Fields and Sub- Fields. How i can consider Row 2 as main Field?



Alteryx Partner

Something like this should work:


2018-11-16 22_52_32-Alteryx Designer x64 - New Workflow1_.png


- Open the file

- skip the first row

- rename the columns based on the (new) first row


Thank you that worked. 



But I am getting an error: Error: Input Data (5): The 2017-10-10 Windows security patch prevents the Jet driver from reading .xls files; install the 2010 32-bit Access driver. 


I already downloaded the Driver and when I close the Alteryx and run again the workflow it workes for the 1st time and again it gives me the same error. 

Alteryx Partner

Check that the driver is installed and reboot your computer to make sure.  


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