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Excel Input Data - Do I need a Macro?


OK, quick update with unforeseen issues.


Tested the workflow with the solution provided - in testing, we had no issues capturing the data from the one sheet per workbook, pushing to a Snowflake table, etc... All was right in the world!


THEN... we went live... 


Turns out the testers were not using the test files as they would the NORMAL live report... they were validating some data, then exiting the file - not much more. Yesterday was their first day live with the new report, and last night I ran my workflow to capture their updated comments.


Of the 30 files, only 1 was imported to Snowflake because of a variety of things the users did in the other files - from adding a column to renaming a field to adding a pivot table in blank space to the right of our data - all of which then changes the schema of the file and the Alteryx process fails.


So - any thoughts on how to handle something like that? LOL Or do we just have to lock the files down so they can only update the 2 or 3 columns we need them to?


Any ideas would be welcome