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Excel File Dynamic Input


Hi Everyone,


I am trying to use the Dynamic Input tool to bring in three sheets from the same Excel workbook.  All three sheets have the same schema, yet the Dynamic Input tool is giving me an error saying the schemas are not the same.  I tried creating a template file to use, but still receive the same error.  Please let me know what additional information you need in order to assist.  



Thank you!!


Are you sure there is no column or data you don't see in the sheets ? are you able to use 3 input data (one for each) and to join with a Union tool with standard option (auto config by name) ? What's happen in this case, no additional columns ? Another way to do that is to have a look at the meta data and verify you fields:





Thanks so much for the quick reply.  Yes, I am able to bring in all sheets as individual Inputs and use a Union tool with no errors and no additional columns.  I checked the meta data and all of the field types are the same.  Although, two of the Sizes for V-String types are different.  Could this be the issue?  And if so, why would the Union work fine then?  


Thank you!

I have experienced that something as minute as a field size would indeed cause the dynamic input not to work as expected. Everything needs to be identical or else you need to consider using a Batch macro for these types of tasks.






I tried using a batch macro from this post: and I got the same exact error.  






I located another community post that contained instructions on how to create a batch macro.  I followed the steps, and it worked brilliantly.  


Thank you for your replies!!

So happy to hear! Macros are your friend! :) Have a nice weekend!