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Excel Column Date Format


Hi Guy's,


I have an excel file with Date Column coming in format "dd-mmm-yyyy" Ex : "01-Jan-2018".


When i import it in alteryx using input data tool showing data type as V_String.


In next step i am trying to convert it into DATE Format by using Select tool. But alteryx making all the rows null. 


So, Please let me know, is there any way to handle it ?


I have attached the sample file, please refer "Testing Date" column.

Alteryx Partner

In general, for this you'll want to use a DateTime Tool:




Set the DateTime Tool format to "dd-Mon-yyyy" and you'll be good to go.


When using the Select Tool, Alteryx is setting them all to Null() because it doesn't recognize that as a proper DateTime object. In Alteryx, Dates are ALWAYS given in yyyy-mm-dd format.


Let me know if this helps,