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Examples for Connecting and Querying GIS Data from Census Dataset


I am very new to Alteryx (and I don't have a lot of time).


I have a list of customers with both addresses and lat-lon coordinates.  I need to do a lookup to find their Census Block Groups.  I have downloaded the and installed the Census dataset from Alteryx.  I used Allocate to build a dataset of the Block Group codes.  Can anyone point me to a basic tutorial of how to combine my list of customer points with the shapefiles to do a look up of the block codes.







I may have just solved my own problem.  I found a sample workflow under Help -> Sample Workflows -> Clean and Prepare Data -> Infer Zip Codes from Lat / Lon.


While the workflow doesn't do everything I need, it sets me up for getting the information I need.    See the Dynamic Input Step.  First, I pull in the GIS data with the data input step, then use a dyanmic input to do the lookup with my customer lat/lon and then pass the blockcode field.





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If I'm understanding correctly, if you approach it like below, this should get you what you need.



Thanks, this is exactly what I was looking for!