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Errors while using snowflake bulk loader and S3

Alteryx Certified Partner

I am using the inbuilt snowflake bulk loader and S3 and keep getting inconsistent errors. I initially had a number of workflows in the same .yxmd all writing to different tables in snowflake but this seems to cause errors such as 

Error: Output Data (720): Error running DELETE FROM "BRAND_HIERARCHY": SQL compilation error:Object 'BRAND_HIERARCHY' does not exist.

Even though the table definitely exists and if I run that workflow on it's own it works fine.

Is it recommended to not run multiple outputs in the same workflow? When I tried using the runner macro they seemed to all work fine.

Sometimes I will run it and there are no errors, then I can run it instantly after and it will error. 

I have a pre sql statement -  USE WAREHOUSE <warehousename> in my input tools as I was getting sporadic errors of unknown warehouse and I have a pre sql statement in my output tool - ALTER WAREHOUSE <warehousename> RESUME IF SUSPENDED; as it has been suggested that if the load takes more than 5 mins, snowflake can suspend and error.

Anyone else having similar issues?