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Error when using Python Tool



I tried this toy workflow in Alteryx to use the Python Tool : Import the "iris" dataset and just display it. But I get an error message when  I run the workflow.


I looked for some earlier posts referring to this error, but was not able to resolve.

In fact, I had un-installed earlier version (2019.1)  of Alteryx (from Control Panel and followed those steps of folder clean ups)  and then installed the latest version 2019.2 This error was after that ( I also had the same error with the previous version )


I am able to run the individual chunks in the Jupyter notebook one by one and see the result

But not able to get the result when I run the workflow or try the "Production" option.


I also happen to have Anaconda Navigator on my laptop. Is there some conflict /complication on account of that?


Alteryx_PythonToolError.PNGCodes in Jupyter.PNG

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click on the interactive tab and then on the Run button, that will  install all the required libraries.