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Error to create excel file

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Hello all,


I submitted this issue to Alteryx support and haven't heard anything yet. I decided to ask to the community to see if anyone had this issue before.


Due to data confidentiality, I can't submit the workflow. I try to summarize the issue. I have an Alteryx Analytics apps, connects inDB and at the end created Excel file. Recently I read Reference shortcuts and I changed the app by using reference shortcuts, expecting same functionality and output. When it runs, I see within the browse tool I see the same result as expected. The issue is the output. The excel filename is created as;


c:\testfolder\test.xlsx" (Sheet1)|AlteryxBasePluginsGui.DbFileOutput.DbFileOutput ----> this is the issue. I don't know why is Alteryx adding "AlteryxBasePluginsGui.DbFileOutput.DbFileOutput" to the end. I don't see this behavior when I use classical method, but Reference Shortcuts.


I'm using Alteryx Designer  2021.4.2


Any clue or suggestion?





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17 - Castor

Hi @albert_alaluf ,


Can you take the data after the In-DB extraction and simply scramble it or make everything identifiable "XXXXXXXXX", and the share the workflow as we need to see what you're trying to do.

We need to see the data at the point you're creating the formula for the filename, and the reference shortcuts you're using.






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Hi @mceleavey ,


Thank you for your reply. I decided to close this thread, it looks like this is acknowledged defect and will be addressed in future releases.