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Error - power_bi_output_v2.1.2

8 - Asteroid



I have a workflow using the PowerBI tool and works perfect on the local machine.

It always throws the error "Error: Unable to resolve plugin Python 'power_bi_output_v2.1.2\' (Tool Id: 1) ", if it is run in the Gallery.


The tool is installed on the server as well. Does anybody have the same issue?


Thanks and best regards,



@wolfgangh generally this error appears when the tool was installed on the Server, but not for all users (this is common because the default installation is just for the logged in user).

When a user installs a .yxi tool, the tool is added to the tool palette in Alteryx Designer, and the .yxi file and supporting macros are installed in the following directory:


Administrators can optionally install a .yxi tool for all Server users; this makes it easier for users to schedule workflows and run workflows from the Gallery. To install for all users, your account must have the appropriate permissions. .yxi tools installed for all users will be installed in the following directory: ProgramData\Alteryx\Tools.


Please see this Help article for steps on installing for all users: Install Custom Tools

Sophia Fraticelli
Premium Support Advisor
Alteryx, Inc.